Advanced Credit Analysis

Course Overview:

Credit analysis is one of the most important tasks for the corporate relationship team. Accuracy of the analysis leads to correct credit decisions. Similarly, incorrect analysis may lead to inappropriate facility structuring or bad credit decisions which can lead to NPLs and losses for the financial institution. Monitoring the credit on an on-going basis is important to ensure that challenges in credit quality are captured, priced and accounted for accordingly

This is an advanced level course with focus on application of credit analysis using real life examples and case studies

Audience Profile:

  • Years of experience: 5 Years
  • Academic Qualification: Graduation
  • Area of business: Credit
  • Language Proficiency: English and Urdu


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Identify the borrowing needs and requirements of customers
  • Analyze customers’ financial strength
  • Discuss the operating cycle of businesses and its impact on credit decisions
  • Conduct business and industry risk assessment analysis of various lending proposals given economic data and industry information
  • Analyze the existing capital structure
  • Assess the management strength of the customer
  • Determine the appropriate financing alternatives
  • Structure the credit facilities within the bank policy and regulatory framework
  • Determine loan re-structuring needs for customers
  • Monitor the loan/credit on regular basis
  • Identify early warning signals and take appropriate actions
  • Monitor change in customer profile and take appropriate actions


Two Days