Behaviorial Competency Course For Internal Auditors

a) Winning Interviewing Techniques – Day 1

Course Overview:

Conducting effective interviews is an essential part of the internal auditor’s job. This seminar will provide a framework to help you develop interview skills and provide ways to strengthen your current skills.

Examples of real life interview challenges and potential solutions will be shared to better prepare you for the difficult interview. Use of the tips, techniques, and tools provided will enable you to become a more effective interviewer. Having strong interviewing skills is an essential element for gathering audit evidence to support audit conclusions.

Who Should Attend:

Auditors with five years or less experience in IT, operational, performance, or financial auditing who want to learn new tips, techniques, and tools for developing their interview skills will benefit from this course, as will more experienced auditors with more than five years’ experience who want a refresher or to identify new approaches to conducting interviews to gather better evidence that support audit conclusions.


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to learn:

  • Tips, tools, and techniques to conduct more valuable interviews.
  • Skills needed to become a successful interviewer.
  • Setting the environment and tone to improve how the interviewee perceives the process.
  • Working with difficult people for successful interview results.
  • Focusing on the audit objective to make the interview more effective for the participants (e.g., staying on track, summarizing the appropriate information, and follow-up questions.).


 Two Day