Behaviorial Competency Course For Internal Auditors

b) Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills – Day 2

Course Overview:

Skilled communication can be the difference in auditor success or failure. An important aspect of skilled communication is the ability to negotiate. Auditors find themselves negotiating with stakeholders in many different ways (e.g., date to provide/receive information, findings, response to draft reports, and access to key staff). Successful auditors who work well with management have strong communication and negotiation skills.

Techniques, approaches, tools, and perceptions will be reviewed, discussed, and practiced in this training to enable internal auditors to better meet stakeholder expectations.


Learning Outcomes include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to learn:

  • Types of people who are difficult to communicate with and approaches/tips to improve communication.
  • Thinking on your feet (including elevator speeches).
  • Negotiation from the internal auditor’s perspective.
  • Persuading/selling audit findings/recommendations.
  • Negotiate to a result that benefits both parties.
  • Communicate with management and effectively sell your ideas/findings.
  • Strengthen relationships with audit stakeholders.
  • Relationships, first impressions, and professionalism.


 Two Day