Communicating Effectively

Course Overview:

‘Communicating Effectively’ is a 1-day training module designed to equip participants with the necessary skills needed to communicate effectively in order to achieve desired results. The program discusses nature, elements and factors of effective communication, channels involved and techniques required to communicate successfully.

The aim of the program is to give managers a thorough understanding of best practices and basic traits for conducting successful meeting and presentations.

This course is conducted using a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. Reading material is also provided for further study.


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Identify elements of communication process and factors influencing it
  • Identify forms of communication
  • Describe channels of communication at work
  • Demonstrate ability for effective inquiry
  • Show ability to give job instruction
  • Display ability to give and receive feedbacks
  • Explain the importance of presenting effectively for obtaining the maximum desired benefit
  • Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication and the importance of using both at the right place and the right time
  • Show ability to deliver effective presentations by using verbal and non-verbal language
  • Discuss the need for effective work place meetings
  • Show ability to participate and conduct meetings effectively


Two Day


Classroom Training


Managing Time