Essentials Of Auditing Course - Understanding Fundamentals Of Auditing & Reporting Writing Skills

Course Overview:

Learn the basics of auditing at the new internal auditor level. This course provides an overview of the life cycle of an audit from a new internal auditor’s perspective while examining the internal control environment and audit governance.

The 2 day program is best fit for onboarding and orientation of entry level auditors and equips them with a thorough understanding of auditing as a process, tools and techniques, as well as a sound understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It promises to build skills of participants using hands-on activities beginning from planning stage to execution and effective reporting.

Our participants widely appreciate our use of case-study method designed to focus on practicing the structure of audit observations and reporting. By honing these skills, they can distinguish themselves in their current positions and prepare themselves for advancement.


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to learn:

  • The International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Internal Auditor, Stakeholders, Customers, etc.
  • Audit Planning & Opening Meeting
  • Audit fieldwork & testing
  • The audit-report writing task
  • Components of audit observations
  • Quality of Reporting: Coherence, clarity, Precision, Tone, Objectivity, etc.
  • Audit Report Structure


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