Five Cs Of Credit With Case Application

Course Overview:

“5 Cs of Credit with Case Application” is a 1-day training module designed to familiarize the participants with the five basic lending principles – character, capacity, capital, conditions and collateral. The program discusses the five Cs in detail, along with a case application in an attempt for the participants to correctly understand the nature of bank’s lending business.

The aim of the program is to equip the participants with skills to correctly judge and effectively acquire the right kind of customer resulting in lucrative long term returns.

Audience Profile:

  • Years of experience: 1 Years
  • Academic Qualification: Graduation
  • Area of business: Branch Banking; credit
  • Language Proficiency: English and Urdu


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Identify the five basic lending principles
  • Describe the various factors that drive credit quality
  • Describe the importance of borrower evaluation using 5 Cs, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Determine basic parameters against which credit worthiness of a prospective customer can be gauged
  • Discuss the need for customers’ financial strength analysis upon given access to customers’ financial data (financial statements, management accounts)
  • Explain the need for a good and reliable loan collateral
  • Describe the attributes of a good security/collateral
  • Discuss the need for an optimal exit strategy


One Day