Lending To Small And Medium Enterprises (SME)

Course Overview:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are extremely important to the business and economic growth for developing countries like Pakistan. Banks and financial institutions consider lending to SME as one of the key business areas.

This course encompasses discussion on the nature of SME credit and related inherent risks. It teaches the necessary skills required to extract financial information from SME borrowers and construct their historical statements as well as projections for the future. It also includes a refresher on recent changes in the SME Prudential Regulations.

Audience Profile:

  • Years of experience: 2 Years
  • Academic Qualification
  • Graduation
  • Area of business: Credit, Branch Banking
  • Language Proficiency: English and Urdu


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Discuss the SME business environment and challenges in Pakistan
  • Identify the borrowing needs and requirements of SME customers
  • Analyze SME customers’ financial strength
  • Extract financial information from SME customers
  • Create historical financial statements for SME customers
  • Analyze the financial ratios in context with business and industry analysis
  • Perform cash flow analysis for the customer
  • Conduct business and industry risk analysis
  • Create projections for the SME customers
  • Discuss the changes in Prudential Regulations for SME


One / Two Days