Regulatory Compliance And Avoiding Penalties

Course Overview:

Compliance with SBP regulations and bank’s policies and procedures is extremely essential for the business to move forward. Strict and robust compliance is one of the factors not only to gauge the health of a bank but also instrumental in assessing various risks. All departments in any bank must ensure regulatory compliance in order to avoid penalties due to lapses.

This course focuses on the scope of regulatory compliance, the need for Prudential Regulations, the roles of compliance officers, SBP inspection and the common penalties imposed by SBP. It also discusses the best practices for avoiding such penalties.

Audience Profile:

  • Years of experience: 0-2 Years
  • Academic Qualification: Graduation
  • Area of business: Br Banking; Operations; Compliance; Audit
  • Language Proficiency: English and Urdu


Learning Outcomes Include:

Upon completion of this course, participants shall be able to:

  • Explain the need and importance of compliance for banking
  • Link audit, compliance and controls in the context of banking
  • Discuss the multiple facets of compliance
  • Explain the scope and importance of Prudential Regulations
  • Describe the impact of effective MIS on compliance management
  • Identify common issues with compliance at banks
  • Discuss best practices for effective compliance management
  • Explain the reporting requirements of the central bank w.r.t compliance
  • Discuss the common penalties imposed on banks by SBP
  • Identify techniques and procedures to avoid SBP penalties


One Day